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Last Update: 2010.3.5
Electronic Journals
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※YNU is contractually obligated to limit access to Electronic Journals to current YNU students, faculty, staff, and researchers who hold YNU IDs and Passwords.
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Electronic Journal Usage Terms and Restrictions
Use of the electronic journals listed on this web site is governed by license agreements and copyright restrictions.
The prohibited actions are as follows:

1. reproduce, retransmit, resell, edit or create of derivertive works.
2. distribute or provide to anyone who is not an authorized user.
3. modify, adapt, translate or transform without the prior written permission of owner of copyright.
4. reverse engineer or decompile of system software.
5. large-scale download or print beyond personal use.

These actions may result in licence suspension.

Electronic Journals Title List
Electronic Journals Title is available on OPAC.
"Electronic Journals Title List" is a database of electronic journals that are available to YNU member.
This database allows you to search by the title, the initial letter and the vendor.

Elsevier ScienceDirect
ScienceDirect provides access to the full text of several hundred journals published by Elsevier Science. Articles are generally available from 1995 forward.
  • You will need Acrobat Reader
  • Subscribed journals are identified with a green icon subscribed journalin the title list.
  • A small number of complimentary issues are provided, indicated by a yellow icon complimentary on a journal's contents page

Synergy ※No remote access
Blackwell Synergy provides access to full text of journals published by Blackwell.
366 titles in Social and Human sicnece are available.

SpringerLink provides access to full text of journals published by Springer.
Articles are generally available from 1997 forward.

available from Jun. 1997 froward.

Science  ※No remot access
available from 1997 froward.

Includes long runs of backfiles of scholarly journals. Subjects covered include Ecology, Economics, Education, Political Science, Regional Studies.

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Elsevier ScienceDirect Handbook Series
Provides access to fulltext of About 100 titles of Handbooks in economics and mathematics published by Elsevier Science.
Title list

OCLC NetLibrary
Collection of electronic books. The following titles are available
Title list

SpringerLink Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Provides access to fulltext of About 775 titles of series in computer science published by Springer.

Consists of fully searchable and browsable databases including English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionaries, Encyclopedia Nipponica and Encyclopedia of Japan, articles published in a weekly magazine "エコノミスト"(Ecnomist), collection of Toyo bunko series and other visual and sound databases.
Contents list

Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences
electronic books of Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences.

Encyclopedia of Microbiology (Third Edition)
electronic books of Encyclopedia of Microbiology.

Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences (Second Edition)
electronic books of Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences.