How to Borrow a Book

Present the book(s) you wish to borrow and yourLibrary Card at the Check Out (Loan) Counter.
(The Check Out Counter on the second floor of the Central Library is equipped with an Automatic Book Circulation System for self-service book borrowing procedures.)

Use the date stamp bearing the due date to stamp the due date slip pasted on the inside cover of the book(s).

The maximum number of books you can borrow and the loan period are as follows.

Status Loan Limit & Period
University staff, graduate students
and foreign visiting researchers
Up to 15 books@2 months
Undergraduates who have been approved by supervisor
to be in need of longer loan period for the purpose of
writing graduation thesis,
research students, and students doing honors courses
Up to 10 books@1 month
Up to 5 books@@2 weeks

If you fail to return any book by the due date, you will be suspended from borrowing for the number of days overdue.

You can reserve books that are currently out on loan.
Please apply for reservation at the Main Counter. (Book Reservation Forms for reserving book(s) out on loan are available at the Main Counter or here (description in Japanese).

Books on loan are renewable only once, provided that they are not reserved.