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User's Guide for the Registered Non-YNU Members
Your "Library Card" serves as an admission permit.  Since the Entry Gate will open, when you scan bar code printed on the card at sensor of the gate, please enter that way.
How to Find Materials 
As for materials of Yokohama National University's holding, you can locate them by using "OPAC" (Online Public Access Catalog) system which can search materials by personal computer.  Please use "OPAC" terminals situated on each floor.  Moreover, "OPAC" is available even from your home, because it is accessible via YNU Library's website (http://www.lib.ynu.ac.jp/index_e.html).  However, some informations such as loan status of books are not displayed when "OPAC" is accessed from outside the university.
You can read books, journals, and microform materials shelved inside the Library.   In other words, you can read those materials whose information of  "Location" begins "}" or "H}" or "Љ}" as displayed on "OPAC" search result.  Almost all materials are accessible directly by hand.
If you wish to use materials shelved in closed stack (such as Special Collections Room, etc.), or those materials whose information of "Location" is other than any of the informations mentioned above, please consult with the Reference Desk at the 2nd floor of the Central Library.  (Office hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00-17:00)
Also there are materials which you cannot use on the same day when you visit us.
If you have "Library Card", you can borrow those books whose information of "Status" is "ݏo" (borrowable) as displayed on "OPAC" search result.  Please bring books you want to borrow and your "Library Card" to the Main Counter with you.
Those books whose information of "Location" is other than our library, and the materials designated as "in-library use only", and all the journals are not to be borrowed outside the library.
Borrowing limit is up to 2 volumes (5 volumes for alumni, etc.) and 2 weeks for loan period.
If you wish to continue borrowing the books after their loan period, please bring them and your "Library Card" with you to the Main Counter within their loan period.  Books on loan are renewable only once.  If renewed, you can borrow 2 more weeks from the day of renewing application.  But you cannot renew the books reserved by others.
Books under loan by others can be borrowed next time with priority to you, if you make reservation of them.  Please fill and submit "Reservation form" placed on the Main Counter, if you would like to reserve books on loan.
Present the books to be returned at the Main Counter.  When the Library is closed, you may drop the books into the Book Post installed next to the entrance of the Library.  If you fail to return by the due date, you will be suspended from borrowing for the number of days overdue.
Materials shelved inside the Library can be copied provided it is within the range decided by Copyright Act.  You can use photocopiers of the Library by making an entry on "Photocopy Record" prepared at the photocopiers.  Please refrain from copying those materials which are not holdings of the Library.
Reference Service
The Library accepts inquiries about searching materials, or using the Library.  Please consult with the Reference Desk when you have troubles in finding materials or in using the Library services.  (Office hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00-17:00)
You can exit only through the Exit Gate.  Please note that the sensor will be activated if you try to exit while carrying books without completing the loan procedures.  (Rarely it operates erroneously.  When it does, please cooperate in cause investigation with us.)
Services not Available

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