Use of CD-ROMs

Dictionaries, encyclopedias, literature database and other CD-ROMs are available for use in the CD-ROM PCs Section (Central Library 2F) and the Information Search Section (Research Library for Science and Technology 1F). (For information on CD-ROMs owned by the Libraries, please check the list in the User Guide for CD-ROMs & E-books.(description in Japanese))
CD-ROM changer
CD-ROM PCs, Central Library 2F.
(CD-ROM Changer in front)

CD-ROMs PCs' position

Novices should have no trouble using CD-ROMs as most CD-ROMs are installed in the CD-ROM Changer and the CD-ROM Server, which allow you to use any CD-ROM simply by selecting the options on the menu. Please feel free to use them. (The CD-ROM Server is accessible via University LAN.)
However, if you wish to use a CD-ROM which is not installed in the CD-ROM Changer or the CD-ROM Server, you must apply at the Main Counter (Central Library 2F)

CD-ROM server's terminal
CD-ROM PCs, Central Library 2F.
(CD-ROM Server on front-right)